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Alok Jain is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor / Research service provider and founder of a momentum investing platform WeekendInvesting.com and a Index trading system STAIRS2Profits.com

Alok is an Engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and a M.B.A. / Masters in Finance from the University of Maryland. He returned to India to start his journey in the markets by setting up one of the first National Stock Exchange memberships in New Delhi in 1996.

In the last two decades and more, Alok developed a keen sense for systematic rule based investing systems and technical trading. He is a keen observer of the psychology and behavioral aspects of the market and wanted to quantify and incorporate them in his investing. Alok had been running several of his products on his own funds since many years and over time he was convinced that others could make use of the same products as well and thus launched his advisory/ Research services at WeekendInvesting.com and STAIRS2profits.com

Weekendinvesting.com is a Do-it-Yourself Research service where Alok provides simple momentum based investing models. The unique part about his strategies is the low time-spent : returns ratio where the user spends 15 minutes a week to attend to their portfolios and the returns have so far have been beating the benchmarks by a wide margin.

STAIRS2profits.com is a venture based on his proprietary trading signaling system that he has been using for his own trading since a decade. The USP of this product is that it enables the user to peek into the market just once every hour and manage his positional trade on the indices. The Nifty and Bank Nifty based positional trading system “STAIRS” is followed by a few thousand traders on the free telegram channel. The key feature of STAIRS is its pure rule based approach that allows the user to catch dominant trends on the indices with minimal time spent analyzing or watching the markets.

Some links to media coverage of Alok's work is available here https://t.co/bbp6LQoa3h. He also runs a hyperactive twitter feed at @STAIRS2P and @Weekendinvestng to share his trading thoughts with a large twitter group.

The terms and conditions of using the STAIRS website and the associated telegram channels are to be strictly adhered to.

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