• “Absolutely agree with this… And the pricing is absurd… I mean it’s been a week since I have subscribed and subscription fees are recovered”
  • “"Sir, STAIRS is superb innovation ' ”
  • “Sir, its the low fees that makes it feasible for ppl like me with lesser capital be able to participate. I can afford only 1 lot each NF & BN. In the current market conditions, #STAIRS is the only consolation for otherwise long only investors like me. Can’t thank you enough 🙏 BP”
  • “I had an F&O loss of 3.8L when i joined Stairs. This was due to taking random calls in twitter and trading without any stoploss. I am still studying TA and not yet ready to deploy my own analysis. Your s/m helped he recover 1.75L in a months time. I should have recovered much more if i had 100% followed your s/m.”
  • “I follow ur stairs telegram channel and indeed amazed how well it captured the full 900 fall in nifty with simplicity. Few trades with larger moves makes so much sense but tough to catch.”
  • “First of all let me thank you for coming up with a perfect product STAIRS, suitable for people who do not get much time to stick to market. I make sure I religiously stick to the system and I’ve been reaping benefits of STAIRS since May 2019 and I’m very happy about the performance.”
  • “This is just to give you my experience with Stairs in last two months. Its really nice and I have followed the system to the spirit. With 5L capital and 3x leverage using 1 lot of Nifty and BNF I got around 70k profit in 2months. I feel its amazing, Thanks for this.”
  • “Thanks for making me to learn how to follow a system. I had very good profit in May month.”
  • “Your strategies sound very professional and sensible……learning a lot from you…..and thats why I love trading with you….. No book or course teaches you to reduce leverage around event and hedging long positions, position size, discipline (no matter what you feel like)…. I am glad there are not many teachers like you in this area else it will loose it edge 🙂 with love and huge respect.”
  • “I will like to thank you for the immense learning I have gained through STAIRS subscription. Following it for 3months has taught me 1. Believing in systems and their success in long term. 2. Showed me how trends like March are followed. 3. Learned to handle high volatility events like IAF Balakot strikes. 4. how to handle sideways market of like April with high volatility as well.”


A Positional Long Short Index Trading System

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